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Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally


2020 Michigan HPV Rally - May 16-17 - The 36th annual Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally will be Saturday and Sunday, May 16-17, 2020, at the Waterford Oakland County Sportsmen's Club grounds near Pontiac, Michigan (map at https://goo.gl/maps/G2dC3C5YioJ2). This is the oldest racing event for HPVs – open to any pedal-powered vehicle – in North America.  Free camping will be available Friday and Saturday nights. If you have questions contact Mike Eliasohn (mikethebike2325@comcast.net,269-281-0797) or Mike Mowett (mowett@aol.com, 586-863-3902). 


The event  is open to riders of all human powered vehicles – recumbents, streamliners, regular bicycles, tandems
and handcycles. There are classes for streamlined, unstreamlined cycles, tandems, women, youth and tricycles. The rally is conducted using Human Powered Race America rules (go to www.recumbents.com, then under “recumbent racing,” click on “Human Powered Race America,” then on “racing rules.” Note: HPRA rules require all vehicles to have a mirroror mirrors enabling rear vision to both sides. The track, on the grounds of the Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club, is 1.4 miles around, with nine turns and one hill. Sunday races use a shorter course without the hill.

Prize money will be awarded to top finishers in each class.

Free camping available at track Friday and Saturday nights, with indoor showers.

Even if you don’t want to compete, come and see some unusual and very fast cycles.

Tentative schedule:

8 a.m. – Registration and technical inspection starts.
9:30 – One-hour time trial (streamliner, streetliner, tricycle classes).
11 – One-hour time trial (stock, junior, women, tandem classes).
Noon – lunch, concession stand at track will be open.
12:15 p.m. – Hot laps on short loop, all classes, ride as many laps as you want; your fastest lap counts, electronic timing.
1:30-2:30 – Hill climb/coast down. Race up the hill from a standing start, then when you get to the top, start coasting. Coast as far as you can go, then mark your stopping point with chalk (provided). Separate scores/points for time up the hill and distance coasted.
After 2:30 – Tricycle race (no hill) and urban transportation contest.
Dinner at local restaurants. Track will be open in evening for riding.

SUNDAY, May 17
8:30-9:30 a.m. – Flying start 200-foot sprints (all classes).
10 – Short course (no hill) road race (faired classes), about 12 miles.
11 – Short course (no hill) road race (unfaired classes), about 9 miles.
Awards ceremony after last race, expected by 12:30 p.m. Concession stand expected to be open.

Questions: Contact Mike Eliasohn (mikethebike2325@comcast.net,269-281-0797) or Mike Mowett (mowett@aol.com, 586-863-3902)

For  directions to the Rally, lodging, off-course camping and other information and updates visit the MHPV blog page on the 2020 Rally at http://mhpva.blogspot.com/2020/01/michigan-hpv-rally-may-16-17-2020.html


For a report on the 2019 MHPV Rally, visit http://mhpva.blogspot.com/2019/08/35th-annual-michigan-hpv-rally.html


Results, and photos, of the June 2019 MHPV Rally can be obtained by going to "2019 HPV Race Results And Pictures" and clicking on "2019 Michigan HPV Rally HPRA Race results" and going to the photo links there.

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MHPVA members receive awards at the March 5, 2016 annual meeting in E. Lansing