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Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Links


Wolver-Bents Michigan Recumbent Cyclists - Information only web page. No events or rides. 


Human Powered Race America - Conducts a series of recumbent/hpv races every year.


World Human Powered Vehicle Association - Source of information for all human powered land, water and air records and all other records pertinent to the pursuit of human power.


International Human Powered Vehicle Association - An international organization with an emphasis on building and racing human powered vehicles. A large portion of HPVA activities center around recumbents.

BentRideOnline - Recumbent news and message forum. HPV online discussions held under "Specialty  Discussions" at


League of Michigan Bicyclists - A great organization advocating for bicycling in Michigan and well worth joining. In early 2010, the LMB magazine covered the MHPVA Ford Challenge (


The Recumbent Bicycle - A book completely devoted to recumbents. 180+ pages with chapters dealing with recumbent information, history, design and extensive resource guide.


Tandem and Recumbent Magazine - Quarterly publication evenly divided between tandem and recumbent bikes.


Made In Michigan Recumbent Products & Services & Michigan Recumbent History

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