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The Michigan Human Powered Vehicle web site is for those interested in innovation and creativity in the design and development of human powered transportation – on land, water and in the air.


Related to human powered vehicles (HPV's), the Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Association (MHPVA), until it dissolved in September 2016, sponsored the oldest continuous competition for HPVs in North America, the Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally. The Rally continues to be held, but as an independent event at the Waterford Hills sports car racing track in Clarkston, the site since 1986. The rally has attracted as many as 50 competitors from numerous states and Canada. Events include one-hour time trials, top speed runs, a hill climb/coast-down, standing start kilometer, road races and a practical vehicle competition. Instead of the rally, the MHPVA has twice conducted major events.


The MHPVA itself was founded in 1982 (for more early history of the group click here). In 1989, the MHPVA hosted the 15th International Human Powered Speed Championships, with most events at Michigan International Speedway. Approximately 75 land and water vehicles came from all over the United States, plus Canada and France. In 2009 the MHPVA helped sponsor the Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge at the Ford Proving Grounds near Romeo, Michigan. Fifty-four competitors came from all over the United States, plus Canada, France, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Mexico. Ten world records were set, including the farthest any man or women has pedaled a bicycle in one hour, six hours, and over 100 km and 100 mile distances.


​Michigan HPV stories and past activities of the MHPVA (with some interesting human powered vehicles both on land and water) can be seen at The MHPVA had also from its inception has been a chapter of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association ( 



The former MHPVA Facebook page at "Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Association" is also still active and please consider "Liking" it at


Also in Michigan is the Wolver-Bents Recumbent Cyclist ( which is pretty much a "static" website about recumbents and Michigan. There also is a Wolver-Bents Facebook page at


Michigan HPV - Recumbent Events

The 39th annual Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally will be June 15th & 16th, 2024, at the Waterford Hills sports car racing track in Clarkston, 4770 Waterford Rd, Village of Clarkston, MI 48346 (map at, the location since 1986. 

The oldest such event in North America is open to riders of all human powered vehicles – recumbents, streamliners, regular bicycles, tandems  and handcycles. There are classes for streamlined, unstreamlined cycles, tandems, women,  youth and tricycles. The rally is conducted using Human Powered Race America rules (go to, then under “recumbent racing,” click on “Human Powered Race America,” then on “racing rules.”) Note: HPRA rules require all vehicles to have a mirror, or mirrors, enabling rear vision to both sides. 

The track (track map at, on the grounds of the Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club, is 1.4 miles around, with nine turns and one hill. Sunday races use a shorter course without the hill. Information about the schedule of events, entry fees, places to stay, etc, can be found at the Michigan Human Powered  Vehicle 2024 Rally blog at  If you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions, please email the organizers at (Eliasohn) or

MHPVA General News


  • For more news about Michigan human powered vehicles, visit the MHPV blog by clicking here.  


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